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Which are the best coloring pencils?

Do you use coloring pencils and have your favorites?

Do you get better products by spending a little more?


I know my wife loves her gel pens, but does use the basic colored/coloring pencils as well. I’m thinking of investing in a nice set for her. I realized with this I had a lot more questions and with all the choices, very little answers. So, a few more.

Besides coloring what other tasks do you use your pencils for, if any?

How many colors are the right amount or the minimum?

I’m sure others would love to see the opinions our visitors can provide. Please share in the comments here or on the Facebook post.

I came across an article on pertaining directly to this question and I thought the visitors to this page might enjoy. I’m sharing it here and it would be great to hear from you as to whether you agree or not and your opinions.


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