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So What Exactly is a Blank Book?

Several months back an acquaintance of mine mentioned a gag book he had received. It was something like “The biggest book of nothing you’ve ever seen!” and contained nothing but blank pages. I thought it was humorous, but didn’t think much more of it.

Then I started hearing more about these kind of books and how well they were selling. Gag books like the one he had told me about, but also writing journals with covers designed by people and not corporations. There were artist books available, every style imaginable of coloring books and even blank comic books you could use to create your own story.

I admit I found the books extremely interesting. I mean, there were just so many choices and you can find almost anything. Well, you could with some extreme shopping techniques and a lot of patience. The books are spread throughout Amazon like a virus. So many different categories. Great journals hidden beneath page after page of the latest non-fiction and fiction books.

So I present you with Nifty Journals. A better way to shop for blank books made by independent authors and artists. A better way for to to find the perfect gift for yourself or that creative individual you know. All while still having the comfort of knowing your order is shipped and serviced by Amazon.

You even get free shipping if you purchase at least $25.00 worth of books.

So let’s get to shopping. Hope you have fun!

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