Blank Comic Book 2-in-1. Strip & Basic: Blank Cartooning Paper & Comic Panelbook for Kids, Young Graphic Novelists, or Drawing Beginners, to Practice

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Why choose 1, when you can have both, and MORE!

This very book, “Blank Comic Book 2-in-1. Strip & Basic: Blank Cartooning Paper & Comic Panelbook for Kids, Young Graphic Novelists, or Drawing Beginners, to Practice Freehand Sketch & Page Work Collection!”, is equipped with these invincible superpowers!

  • BUY 1 GET 2: Unsure which comic layout to pick? Worry no more. This book combines 2 most common (and easiest to draw in) comic layouts in 1 book. Strip (6 panels straight) & Basic (3 panels straight) layouts. It is most helpful for reluctant cartoonists, persons buying the book for others, or budding illustrators who want to practice a variety of layouts!
  • HEALTHY FUN: Drawing makes the imagination of a child to literally bloom. This book facilitates a child’s creative side by the friendliest most-basic drawing boxes organized in a way that lends itself to natural storytelling. Adults & children can have creative fun together drawing a comic book that they can have as a keepsake forever!
  • GOOD BEGINNING: All pre-formatted blocks are in the size large enough for drawing and coloring in with ease. Plus, there are 3 bonus pages of cartoon explosion examples at the back of the book, to ignite your inspiration. This book would be a perfect sketch book for the budding comic enthusiast of all ages and genders who could soon become a comic book professional artist!
  • PERFECT SIZE: The book is in the size so similar to real comics. Easy to carry around, so professional looking, and super exciting as the owners can see & feel how their work looks like as a REAL comics!
  • INSPIRING: The owner can make his/her own book cover by drawing in a full page blank paper (the first inside pages at the front and the back) which have been reserved for such purpose, to make the cover full-page! Moreover, the space at the spine reserved for one’s own comic book name and its volume number, to personalize this comic book and show it to family members, friends, or classmates!
  • STAY ORGANIZED: This book comes with page numbers and a blank table of contents, allowing the owner to write the names of each story and its page number. Looking all stories hence becomes so easily at a glance. Plus, rather than papers strewn everywhere, this book lets the owner keep his/her valuable works in one place, easy to find. With book industry standard binding with spine, the book is sturdy. It can be kept chronologically on shelf or in a bookcase, developing a valuable and memorable collection of his/her drawings over the years!
  • QUALITY LAYOUT: Clean lines. Clear paneling structure. Boxes in consistent size. Stylish design. Ample void between the book spine and drawing panels. This book is designed with care and with quality that makes it the perfect blank canvas for anyone who draws their own comics or cartoons!
  • WRITE ON!! : As many as 160 pages to draw in (80 pages each layout), and the ability to continue on the next book when the pages are used up, thanks to the personal volume number at the spine, makes this book never runs out of space, so the owner can never run out of imagination, when it comes to cartoon drawing!

“Blank Comic Book 2-in-1. Strip & Basic” is the huge creativity boosters come in twos! It would make a great gift for yourself, a little artist of the house, a keen picture story teller, or any cartoon drawing first learners who could use the book as an encouragement! Grab the book for yourself or the ones you care about, now!







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