The Doodle Book for Girls (Comic Book Diary)

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Are you tired of these so-called interactive guides telling you what to do in your diary? Wouldn’t it be nice to have a comic book layout AND diary all in one book? Then this comic book style journal is everything you need for doodling and writing.

The comic book diary is a 6″ x 9″ book with a variety of panel shapes ranging from basic to staggered to panoramic. This book has been pre-formatted and is waiting for your artistic vision. You have plenty of space and freedom to play around or even create detailed landscapes for potential graphic novels.

Every page inspires you to be different and express yourself free of any limitations. Whether you want to make lists of your favorite things, doodle about your day or merely write down goals and daydream, the comic book diary is an excellent and fun way to draw and journal.

Whether you’re perfecting your artistic expression or just messing around, this book has all you need! Perfect for doodling artists and writers of all ages!

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