F*ck Y*u Around the World: Swear Word Coloring Book

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Learn how to swear in 50 countries with this swear word coloring book. This adult coloring book features a range of simple to intricate designs.

  • Language Building: Increase your language knowledge by learning to say “F*ck You!” in 50 different languages!
  • Relaxing: Coloring is a trendy form of relaxation. Calm yourself down after a hard day at work with a set of colorful pencils or crayons and this swear word adult coloring book!
  • Artistic Swear Words: Has someone told you that your language is a little too “colorful”? They haven’t even begun to see you express your artistic levels of swearing!
  • Invigorate Creativity: Coloring invigorates your creativity, making you more likely to think outside the box and come up with unique solutions to problems!

Global Unity

Now you can learn to swear in Español, Mandarin, Deutsche, Portuguese, and so many more languages with this swear word adult coloring book. Join your new friends online and when traveling in a celebration of profanity.

Color Stress Away

Adult coloring books are the new rage in relaxation self-therapy! Stress builds up over the course of your work day, from dealing with your unreasonable boss to your exhaustive commute. Polite society discourages us from using the words “F*ck Y*u!” on a regular basis. However, in the privacy of your own home, you can use this swear word adult coloring book to indulge your fantasies of telling your boss exactly what you think! Plus you’ll have the added benefit of being able to tell bad drivers in your country “F*ck You!” in a language they don’t understand.

Add a little subversion to your stress relief by coloring intricately beautiful designs on 50 different pages that just happen to teach you to say “F*ck Y*u!” in languages such as Welsh, Gaelic, Nihongo, Italiano and more! This swear word adult coloring book will have you smiling in no time as your stress simply melts away in a colorful pool of profanity.

Inspires Creativity

Coloring inspires creativity. You’ll feel like a kid again, happily coloring away. Only this swear word adult coloring book has a very adult bent to satisfy your adult mind. We’re giving a new definition to colorful language. You’ll get to color 50 beautiful designs featuring detailed images representing each country’s culture along with their translation of “F*ck Y*u!”

As your creativity begins to flow, you’ll become more of an asset at work and at home. Creativity is highly prized in today’s society and this swear word adult coloring book will get your creative juices flowing.

Don’t let stress build up and cause you to be cranky and nasty. Simply tell the world, “F*ck Y*u!” fifty different ways colorful ways. Whether you buy this for yourself or as an amusing gift for a friend this swear word adult coloring book is sure to make everyone smile in a rainbow of color!







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