Genital World: Anti-Stress Art Therapy for Busy People with a Sense of Humor

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“GENITAL WORLD” adult coloring book is what happens when vaginas and penises are scrutinized through the witty and mathemagical prisms of artists Leslie Tran and Zerah Suh-Klimek. Zerah’s fractal designs and patterns challenge our notions of sex organs as mundanely organic in form by capturing the intimate and imagination-provoking patterns intrinsic in the shapes of our cocks and pussies. Leslie, an artist responsible for a number of satirical adult coloring books, incorporates penises and vaginas into lush and clever designs as a way to explore the humor and humanity of our fleshy junk, proving cunts and dicks are not only lust worthy, but funny too. A mature and artful coloring book, “Genital World” invites the reader to swim with the penis sunfish in the watery waves of splashing vaginas! Come join the well-hung Kendo warriors in a dick battle sure to end in ecstasy! Color and laugh your way to genital-nirvana with fifty racy scenes sure to make you think, feel, and tickle your fucking pickle!