Swear Word Coloring Book: Fuck-Bombs For Fuckers (Volume 1)

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Swear Word Coloring Book: Fuck-Bombs For Fuckers. It’s payback time for all those f*ckers. Fuck-Bomb swear words will be the filthiest weapons in your f**king coloring arsenal. Coloring so rude,we must say please keep Fuck-Bombs for Fuckers Swear Word Coloring Book well out of reach of children! Or adults with no f*cking sense of humor! F*ck swear words entwined in gorgeous art-studio designs — have fun, chill-out, release stress and relax in a totally artistic way. Choose the swear words that fit the fuckers and let them have it! ‘Fuckin’ Barbie’. Enjoy! NOW WITH FUCK-BOMBS YOU CAN KICK IT UP A KNOTCH AND TAKE SWEAR WORD COLORING TO A WHOLE NEW LEVEL. SWEAR BY COLORING: F*cked-up swear words on every page.<COLORFUL ADULT PLEASURE-STATE: It’s about ‘Me Time’. Have fun, relax and be happy with just you and your own creativity. COLOR AWAY: Release stress and anger as you color in the rudest swear words imaginable. FOREVER PAGES: Turn your coloring book into a keeper. Each coloring page is printed on a separate sheet so you can create a beautiful book with no bleed through. COLOR-UP THE WILD AND THE BEAUTIFUL: Cute pet animals, secret gardens, beautiful flowers, birds, women, mystic motifs and more, your coloring pleasure. YOUR ART STUDIO: Stunning coloring pages created by talented artists passionate about the art of design. Fuck-Bombs for Fuckers Swear Word Coloring pages are designed with artistic adult colorists in mind. The hot off the press Swear Word Coloring Book for every adult who swears by coloring.• Sized to frame at 8.5" x 11"• Single-Sided Pages• Printed on white paper• A selection of coloring pages for all coloring levels up to the most advanced. Tags:swear word coloring book; swear word adult coloring book; sweary coloring book; adult swear word coloring book; adult coloring books best sellers; adult coloring books; coloring books for adults relaxation; artists illustrators; mandalas; stress relieving patterns; coloring pages for adults; meditation; mindfulness meditation; nature mandalas coloring books for grownups; anti-stress management; sweary words coloring book; swear coloring book; cursing coloring book; the sweary coloring book; swearing coloring book