Swearing Fairies: A Hilarious Swear Word Adult Coloring Book: Fun Sweary Colouring: Dancing Fairies, Cute Animals, Pretty Flowers…

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Stress-Relieving Sweary Coloring Book

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Do you have an annoyingly loud neighbor? Coworkers who don’t know their shit? Or a boss you really want to stick your middle finger to?
Let it all out with this wonderful sweary coloring book!

Designed for your swearing relaxation, this coloring book is filled with classic swears such as “Ass Wipe”, “Fuck” and “Son of a Bitch”
These naughty words are surrounded by beautiful flowers and fairies for hilarious contrast.

Grab Your Copy Now to Blow Off Steam and Restore Your Peace of Mind Immediately!

Here’s what you’re going to get from this unbelievable book:

  • 25 swear words perfect for your boss…or someone else!
  • Carefully prepared by 2 Professional Art Studios!
  • Printed and Published by Amazon and its printing house!
  • Special, one-time promotion price: ONLY $7.38 instead of $14.99!
  • Includes Free Bonus Pages inside: www.fckyeahcoloring.com

Here are the swear words in this badass swearing book:

  • Fuck Me
  • Ass Wipe
  • Fuck
  • Pee Drinker
  • Shit Faced
  • Fuck Nugget
  • Midget Dick
  • Twat Waffle
  • Thunder Cunt
  • Shit Stain
  • Rat-Faced Bastard
  • Heathen Scum
  • Fucktard
  • Asshat
  • Son of a Bitch
  • Boss Bitch
  • Cock Swab
  • Queef Burger
  • Shit Kicker
  • Dickbag
  • Ass Clown
  • No Fucks Given
  • Fucking Lunatic
  • Fuck Yeah!
  • Cunt Sucker

Every page is designed to help you relax, contrasting disgusting swears and sayings with a beautiful menagerie of sweet animals, fairies and flowers.
Simply choose your favorite coloring tools and start with the illustration that moves you!

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