The Absolute ESSENTIAL ZOMBIE Coloring Book

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This is a coloring book full of zombie drawings that you can color in.

It’s not rocket science, but there are zombies. And if you like zombies, and you like to color, well…what are you waiting for?

The Absolute Essential Zombie Coloring Book is just the kind of coloring book that your parents warned you to stay away from as a kid. There is nothing cute or cuddly within these pages. You will be greeted with flesh-eating monsters who are just begging for you to grace them with your crayons, markers, paint, or other color-adding materials.

You will not find relaxation here, nor meditative or calming effects. These zombies are ready to jump off of the page and feast upon your brains. You are free to color them in, tear them out and hang them in your office or house to terrify passers-by with your gruesome creative skills.

Alternatively, you can bury the book in the back yard in the hopes that they will not spring forth in a hunger-fueled rampage.

So again – what are you waiting for? Your gruesome inner artist awaits.